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Automatically extract millions of data points from any website

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A data mining tool for every need

Analysts & Consultants

Use web scraped data to back-up business cases. Quickly do industry, marketing and competitor analysis.

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Sales Leads

Top up your sales funnel by scraping new sales leads from directories, communities and social media.

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Aggregators & Marketplaces

Aggregate data from many websites into one platform. Scrape news content, products, profiles and more.

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Extract millions of products and prices from online retailers. Scrape reviews, ratings and images.

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Scrape data from any dynamic website

Never write a web scraper again

Scheduled Runs

Automatic IP rotation

Interactive websites (AJAX & JavaScript)

Conditionals and expressions

XPATH, RegEx, CSS Selectors

Get data from tables and maps

Extract text, HTML and attributes

Scrape and download images/files

Get data behind a log-in

Infinitely scrolling pages

Search through forms and inputs

Dropdowns, tabs and pop-ups

Pagination and navigation

Enter URLS to crawl

REST API and web hooks

Download CSV and JSON files

Dropbox integration

Navigate between different websites

Access your data any way you'd like

Why use ParseHub?

Easy to Use

  • Browser-based, graphic interface
  • Click to extract text, images, attributes and more


  • Scrape data from any dynamic website
  • Extract content that loads with AJAX & JavaScript

Cloud Based

  • Scrape and store data on our servers
  • Connect to our REST API or download a CSV/Excel file

Extremely Scalable

  • Collect millions of data points in minutes
  • Save time copying & pasting. Never write code again

No more copying and pasting!

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