Extract any data from the web. Easily.

The web is full of information that everyone should have access to with just a few clicks. We felt the pain of writing, hosting and maintaining custom web scrapers. Now, we envision a future where anybody can query the world's structured information with ease.

So, we set out to build an easy-to-learn visual data extraction tool that is both simple and friendly to use yet powerful and flexible. By eliminating the major hurdles of gathering data, we want you to spend more time analyzing useful insights, creating beautiful visualizations and products and making key business decisions quickly.

Our goal is to hit the right balance between a beautiful, easy to use interface and a tool that can extract data from any website.

Traditionally, data extraction tools are either too troublesome for a non-technical person to use, or too simplistic to handle the complexity and interactivity of modern websites.

Simple “one-click” tools that appeal to all get quickly defeated by poorly designed, Javascript intensive web apps, and lose their magic. The need for a powerful and flexible tool that makes data appear right at your fingertips, is even more apparent when you look at how much valuable time is wasted collecting data. For example, data scientists spend 50 - 80 % of their time collecting and preparing data instead of putting it to use. We want to flip this equation around.

For developers, ParseHub gives you full control over how you select, structure and modify elements, so you don’t have to hunt through your browser’s web inspector. You will never have to write a web scraper again; and can use ParseHub to handle interactive maps, infinite scrolling, authentication, dropdowns, form and more with ease.

You also don’t need any technical knowledge to get started. Our “quick select” feature figures out exactly how a webpage is structured and groups related pieces of data together for you. All you have to do is open a website and click on the information you want to extract!


  • Easy quick select feature

    Just point & click on a webpage to extract the information you want. ParseHub will guess similar data elements for you. You can always switch out of the easy mode to use all of ParseHub’s advanced features.

  • ParseHub API

    Easily call your data and build products powered by ParseHub. You can also download data in CSV or JSON format.

  • Flexible and powerful

    Our intelligent relationship engine recognizes patterns in data for you. Want to manipulate text using regular expressions? Go for it! You also have the power to modify CSS selectors and edit the element attributes.

  • Built for interactive & complicated websites

    ParseHub is built to handle most poorly designed and difficult edge cases. You have the flexibility to combine our tools to handle redirects, forms, dropdowns, maps, infinite scroll, logins and any other AJAX and Javascript surprises.

  • Split-second feedback loop

    ParseHub instantly shows you a sample of data as you are working. You don’t need to wait to run and download files just to see your data.

  • Seamless navigation between pages

    Easily handle websites with thousands of linked pages and pagination. You can design a different set of instructions for each page, link pages together with one click or redirect to an entirely different url if you like without having to manually enter a bunch of urls.

  • Automatic IP rotation

    We route all requests through a pool of available IPs so you can maintain your privacy and anonymity.

  • Cloud hosting & scheduling

    Your data is stored for you and accessible at anytime. You can also schedule to retrieve your data every minute, hour, day, week or month.

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