Follow these steps to update ParseHub.

Click to download ParseHub. Follow instructions below to install and open the app.

Download Steps

A pop-up will ask you to save ParseHub on your computer. Click “Save” to begin the download.
Wait for ParseHub to finish downloading. Click on the download to open it.

1. In a Chrome browser the download is in the bottom left corner of the browser.

2. In a FireFox browser the download is in the header of the browser hidden under a downward arrow.

Wait for a pop-up with ParseHub to open. Drag and drop ParseHub into the Applications folder.
Close the pop-up pictured above. And open the Application folder in Finder. Find the ParseHub app, click it to open it.
If you get a security warning, like the image below, and can't open the app:
Hold the control key and click the ParseHub icon, then select open.

1. The security warning that may appear.

2. Select open to open the app.

A window will pop up asking you to open the application you downloaded from the Internet. Click “Open” to start the app.