Data mining tool for data scientists & journalists

Scrape online data in minutes. Replace copy & paste.

Pick a website

Find websites that have the data you want to use.

Train & Test

Extract html, text, images, links from sites.

Download Data

Access the scraped data via CSV/Excel, JSON or the API.

Web scraping – a trending technique in data science

Speed-up research

Scrape millions of data points into Excel, in minutes.


Extract online data to power your data-models & academic research.


Integrate web data into Tableau and plug data into visualizations.

Enrich Journalism

Write a compelling story with data-driven journalism.

Everything you need to process web scraped data


Scrape and store data on our servers automatically.

No Coding

Easy to use graphic interface. Click on web pages to get data.

Regular Expressions

Use RegEx to clean text & HTML before downloading data.

Scheduled Collection

Get a new set of data daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

API & Web-hooks

Connect to our API and integrate your extracted data any where.

JSON & Excel

Download your scraped data in any format for analysis.

Create data-sets and APIs from data on websites

Get data from millions of web pages – automatically

ParseHub clicks the "next" button and gets data on every page.

You can enter thousands of urls to scrape data from.

Scrape data from complex and dynamic sites

Scrape data from behind a log-in, search, drop-downs, tabs and forms.

Get data that loads dynamically with AJAX and JavaScript from.

Don't waste time inspecting the website layout

ParseHub detects similar elements on the page for you.

Just open a web page and click on the data you want to scrape.

Turn online data into visualizations, APIs & data-sets

Use our API to pull scraped data from websites into your database.

Download online data into an Excel file or analytics software.

Power your research & analysis with web scraping

Pull data from online tables into Excel

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Scrape 30,000 tweets for sentiment analysis

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Connect online data into Tableau

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Scrape movie data into a Python app

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Save hours copying, pasting and coding!

Download our desktop app and scrape data for free

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