What is Web Scraping?

The most valuable asset, data, lives and evolves on the Internet. Each piece of data is stuck on a web page, in an unstructured format. However, to make use of this data, it should be in a structured format. This is where web scraping comes into play.

Web scraping means extracting data from websites in a usable and a structured format. Web scraping can be done in many different ways, such as manual data gathering (simple copy/paste), custom scripts, or web scraping tools, such as Parsehub.

Web scraping tools are often the approach chosen by data scientists and companies due to them being fast, cost effective and highly accurate.

If your business depends on data, then using a web scraping tool will help your business use better data.

Features of a Great Web Scraping Tool

Ability to Scrape any HTML Format

The web scraping tool should be able to handle any HTML format, including AJAX.

Generating Clean Dataset

The extracted data should not require a lot of post-processing before being useful.

Data Formats

The web scraper should generate the scraped data in different formats: CSV/Excel, JSON, APIs.


The web scraper should be running on the cloud to allow you to access the data from anywhere.


Your data should be ready in minutes with the web scraper's high speed.

Bypassing Bots

The web scraper should use IP rotation to bypass websites' bot blocking mechanisms.

Easy to Learn

The web scraper should be easy to use, allowing you to build scraper projects for different websites in a short amount of time.

Support Team to the Rescue

You should have access to a support team that can resolve your issues when you need help.

Why use ParseHub?

Easy to Use

  • Browser-based, graphic interface
  • Click to extract text, images, attributes and more


  • Scrape data from any dynamic website
  • Extract content that loads with AJAX & JavaScript

Cloud Based

  • Scrape and store data on our servers
  • Connect to our REST API or download a CSV/Excel file

Extremely Scalable

  • Collect millions of data points in minutes
  • Save time copying & pasting. Never write code again

Save hours copying, pasting and coding!

Download our desktop app and scrape data for free

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