There are many betting websites you can scrape you can use to gather sports data for your research or to help you make the smartest bets

Today will show you how you can scrape sports betting websites in just a few minutes without any coding skills

For this example, we will be scrapping the odds for an NBA player to win the MVP award for the 2021 - 2022 season.

So let’s get into it!

Getting started

Before we begin, you’ll need a web scraping tool. While there are several tools available, we think you’ll enjoy ParseHub, its free to use and has a suite of features that we think you’ll enjoy like:

  • Cloud-based scraping
  • IP rotation
  • Dropbox integration
  • Many more!

Download ParseHub for free

Scrapping betting websites without any coding skills

  1. Download and install PareseHub. Click on the new project button and submit the URL into the text box. The website will now render inside of the app.
  2. A select command will automatically be created. While using the select command, click on the first player that is on the page. You should notice the player you selected will be in green. ParseHub will now suggest which other elements you want to extract in yellow.
  3. Click on the next player that is in yellow to select them all. You may need to do this 2-3 times to teach ParseHub what to extract. The rest of the players will now be highlighted in green.
  4. On the left sidebar rename your headline selection to something more appropriate, we’re going to name it “player_name”
  5. Click on the PLUS (+) sign next to your headline and choose the relative select command.
  6. Click on the first player that is highlighted in orange, then click on the odds beside the name. An arrow will appear showing the association you have created. You may need to repeat this step to fully train the Web scraper. Rename your selection to “betting_odds”.

Running and Exporting your web scraping Project

Now our project is ready to scrape the betting odds on who'll become MVP in the NBA this season. To do this, simply click on the left sidebar and click on the green “Get Data” button.

You’ll be brought to this page:

This is where you can test, run or schedule your project. We recommend doing a Test Run for longer and bigger projects just to make sure your data will be extracted and formatted correctly.

But for this project, click on the “Run” button to begin your scrape.

Once ParseHub is done scraping the website, you will be notified by email and you’ll be able to download your extracted data as an Excel/CSV or as a JSON file.

Automatically get the latest sports betting odds (scheduling feature)

If you want to automatically get the latest Sporting odds for the latest games for any league, would need to enable our scheduling feature (Paid feature).

You can make ParseHub run on a schedule and get data consistently. All you have to do is set a schedule for your project. ParseHub will run on that schedule and will provide you with a new CSV or JSON file to download, or will update your mobile/web app via the API.

If you want to learn how to enable our scheduling (paid) feature, you can click our guide here.

Closing Thoughts

Pretty easy huh?

Now you know how to scrape sports betting odds in just a matter of minutes!

We understand that projects can get quite complicated. If you’re running into any troubles you can contact our customer support team using our live chat.

What will you scrape?

Happy Scrapping!

Download ParseHub for free